Board Chairman

Wolfgang Klein

Started with studies in anatomy, physiology and pathology. Changed to physics, built and used electron spin and magnetic resonance tomography machines. Received 10 US Civil Service Awards. Published more than 30 papers in international journals. Was professor for advanced engineering technology at the Mosbach University in Germany. 

Managing Director 

Neil Gupta CA 

Has over 15 years of experience in providing management consulting, taxation and accounting advice to clients involved in the Medical and Health Industry. A enthusiastic Chartered Accountant who believes that reward comes by helping people.


John Caffery 

John has extensive administrative experience within government including involvement in the implementation of employment and training programs. He has in excess of 6 years experience as a carer for intellectually and physically disabled clients and is passionate about helping them achieve their full potential.

The Trusted Team 

We have over 25 years executive combined experience in Aged/Disability Care, Accounting, Management & Operations. 

‚ÄčOur Goal

To achieve accommodation centres via the NDIS SCHEME in all major States in Australia. 


To increase employment locally within the care industry by using local service providers to build a better local community. 



To increase disability care in local areas by 25% using the business model with Government funding sustainability. 
A Government funded business model with positive outcome, ensuring participants a quality service 

Company Achievement Timeline 

The Company will specialise in Aged and Disability care, wellness and maintenance of the dwelling occupied by the participants 
Started here 


Care for the elderly is a growing market. The NDIS Scheme was created by the Government for the shortfall of provisional help provided to the residential sector. 
Rising as Fast Growth 


Entrepreneurial business ventures in the Health Care Sector ( Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes and Disability Support.) 

Reliable Care Providers Pty Ltd trading as Australasia Care

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Unit 53, 122 Johnson Road

Hillcrest QLD 4118