Planning for you

Our lives are in a constant state of change, and as we move through the various stages of life, the amount and types of support required changes also. 

We assist each individual with these life transitions by developing a personalised planning process which takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to each person’s life. This planning: 

* Ensure the individual's hopes, aspirations and needs are at the centre of all planning processes, in cooperation and partnership with family and others. 

* Acknowledge that each plan will be as unique as the individual involved. 

* Recognise that as life changes, so too does each person’s plan. 

* Assess all the available resources to enable you to achieve your wants and if they aren’t to be found, then we will assist you to explore what other ways your goals might be achieved. 

How we can help 

Through the delivery of various support options and programs, Australasia Care has significant experience in supporting people through circumstances of change and transition across many life experiences.

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